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Doha Friday Night Operations (FNO)

March 27 2020, 16:00 UTC

2020-03-27 16:00:00 2020-03-27 16:00:00 UTC VATSIM Event: Doha Friday Night Operations (FNO) VATSIM event, Doha Friday Night Operations (FNO) happening on March 27 2020, 16:00 ZULU time. For more information, visit: OBBB vACC OBBB vACC        

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Position Controller
DOH_APP Layth Al-Wakil (1304151)
DOH_APP Chriss Klosowski (1306415)
OBBB_CTR John Koranteng (1011061)
OBBB_CTR Chriss Klosowski (1306415)
OTHH_1_GND Randy Chance (1303048)
OTHH_1_TWR Muhammad Abdullah (1424752)
OTHH_2_TWR Mufassil Yasir Paracha (1448507)
OTHH_APP Suprojit Paul (1351391)
OTHH_DEL Yaseen Izwayyed (1419119)
OTHH_F_APP Maher Abaza (1371840)

On this Friday Night, the Bahrain vACC is proud to present a new type of event! Come join us on this Friday Night Operations event, an event where we simulate real operations from 16:00z till 20:00z at Hamad International Airport (OTHH). A great oppourtunity to take out your small or big jets! Enjoy short, medium or even long-haul flight bookings during this event!

You can expect ATC during the whole duration of the event.

Join us on this new event simulating a real life Friday Night Schedule! Pilots can choose between 81 departure slots and 81 arrival slots! Pilots can book their flights from:

Doha FNO Pilot Bookings: Flight Bookings

NOTE: These are the recommended aircraft types since these are pulled from the real schedules. You may use any aircraft type of your choice if the given is not available within your simulators. You may also use the assigned routing that will be given 24 hours before the event or you may use your own routing.

Pilot Charts

OTHH - Hamad International Airport

Airport Scenery

OTHH | Freeware Payware Freeware (XP)

We hope to see you soon in our virtual skies!